SMS Marketing

Mobile Web Apps help individuals, businesses and organizations connect and interact with customers, friends, employees and fans.  We use the most advanced software technology  combined with SMS Text Messaging that works across all mobile platforms and devices.   If a restaurant is slow on a Tuesday night, what can they do to increase business?  Normally, there’s not much they can do except advertise in the newspaper, yellow pages and local penny savers.  Most small businesses can't afford that kind of expense due to the unpredictable response and poor tracking. 

With SMS mobile marketing, business owners can send a message out promoting their lunch and dinner specials that will drive customers to their business within hours.   This is an unprecedented opportunity for local businesses to increase their revenue when they need it. However, like anything else, there is a down side that unsuspecting business owners should be made aware of.  Don't believe anyone unless you have a good reason to.  That means Google their name, address, phone number, everything first.  Someone is always going to have something negative to say because nobody can please everyone.   Anyone too perfect is another reason to wait for time to tell before signing up for anything too pricey. .